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e²-Key Performance Indicators

Lean & Green - Workshops in India
Economic & Environmental Key Performance Indicators (e²-KPIs) is an on-going Print Process Champions (PPC) project to identify, improve and monitor these related efficiency parameters. The goal is to select a limited number of indicators that have the maximum economic and environmental impact on a print site - this overcomes the risk of having too many non-comparable benchmarking indicators. The concept has been developed in Europe by PPC in partnership with ClimateCalc, Vision in Print and ECOGRAF. It is currently being tested in India and will be made available for use anywhere in the world.

Since mid 2013, Benoit Moreau of ECOGRAF, a PPC Associate, has been accompanying Indian newspaper printers within the Grow Green project of WAN-IFRA South Asia. Workshops have already been made with 4 newspaper publishers at 6 production sites using coldest and heatset production. Each 4-day workshop included training, a site visit and identifying an improvement programme that included the presentation and use of e²-KPIs.

In the context of its Lean & Green approach, identified 12 indicators that measure the evolution of consumption of a print site either internal (from one year to another) or externally between different production sites. Benchmarking indicators like the measurement of energy efficiency, paper consumption, or plate chemistry allow their optimization. In most cases these indicators can be established from data collected for calculating the carbon footprint with the aid of the ClimateCalc software, and no additional research is necessary. The defined indicators were tested in real conditions in Indian companies to confirm their pertinence. One of the participants requested the addition of an indicator to monitor lubrication oil consumption - because the same presses in some plants present a huge mineral oil consumption, while other are very low.

At the close of each workshop there is an action meeting where these e²-KPIs were an indispensable aid to define improvement actions for environmental and economic performance.

This action is a first step. The next step is to collect, with the aid of different partners of PPC, input from all over the world to build an international data base - with assured confidentiality - to allow printers to compare themselves in a way that allows them to identify their strengths and weaknesses from which to introduce appropriate improvement actions. For more information

These examples show the interest to present e²KPIs on the same chart using an average equal to 100. If the answers are not obvious, then it allows the right questions to be formulated, for example, the first step could be to understand why "site D" is always higher than the average, and why "site A" energy consumption is very low compared to the average but equal to the average for CO2 emissions.

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