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Published by Web Offset Champion Group

The Web Offset e-TOOLBOX is a compendium of 8 Best Practice Guides. Optimised best practices help improve business results and competitive differentiation of web offset printers. This requires that the complex production process is managed as a holistic system in which the performance of each element is interrelated. The systematic application of best practices deliver business benefits from higher productivity, reduced waste, consistent quality, improved reliability and environmental performance.

Each of the 'Tool Box chapters' focuses on a specific theme that can be read in 1-2 hours to provide a complete overview of a subject. In addition, the introduction chapter looks at the business context of best practice — economic benefits, business strategy, how to systematically apply best practices, waste prevention, key success factors and measurement.

All web offset printers — irrespective of the brands of equipment or consumables that they use — can apply the generic content of Web Offset Champion Group (WOCG) guides. The potential benefits are high because they identify how to:

  • Improve total cost performance;
  • Reduce processing costs, time and waste;
  • Achieve more consistent quality and reliability;
  • Become more environmentally efficient;
  • Encourage safer working;
  • Improve understanding and teamwork across the entire workflow chain.

Who & How to use these tools?
This book is a collection of 8 separate best practice guides and can be used in several ways

  • To help managers optimise their manufacturing strategy, define key factors for success, and identify priorities;
  • To assist production managers in trouble-shooting and to help identify improvement projects;
  • To give process improvement team members a common understanding of a subject;
  • To discuss expectations, roles and procedures with customers, sales and production staff;
  • Provide a useful reference for experienced production staff, and assist printers new to web offset;
  • Refresher on basic best practices for printers that are fundamental to productivity and quality.


  • 0 Introduction to best practices and change
  • 1 "Roll To Web Processing"
  • 2 "Web Break Prevention & Diagnosis"
  • 3 "How To Avoid Surprises When Changing Paper Grades"
  • 4 "Productivity Maintenance"
  • 5 "How To Get Colour Approved Rapidly & Maintain It"
  • 6 "Environmental Considerations"
  • 7 "Total Process Colour Control & Alternative Screen Technologies"
  • 8 "Perfectly Finished Printed Products"

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