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Web Offset Champion Group (WOCG) was formed in 1998 to “champion” best practice in web offset printing to improve quality, productivity and the environment. A joint project of international industry suppliers, printers, universities and associations that collect, structure and share best practices in eight guides published in multiple languages in print and e-editions. WOCG is now integrated into Print Process CHAMPIONS.

The Nordic Offset Printing Association (NOPA) is a meeting and networking organisation for leading offset printers and their suppliers who understand the value in being updated on trends in market, product development and technology, and to exchange ideas and experiences with colleagues and competitors. This non-profit organisation meets twice annually for seminars and industry visits. NOPA has around 50 members. Printing company membership is exclusive to Scandinavia and the Baltic countries, while suppliers can come from anywhere.

ClimateCalc is a calculation tool that provides information on the climate impact of the both the printing company and a specific print job in a lifecycle perspective. This information allows a prioritised effort to minimise the climate impact before compensation and certification. ClimateCalc is a consortium of several printing federations.

Ecograf is an international consultancy for environmental efficiency, health and safety. It is led by Benoît Moreau who created Environmental Services for the French printers' federation (UNIC) in 1998. He was also responsible for implementing Imprim’Vert (world’s largest green printer programme of 2500 printers in 10 countries), and participated in the work of Intergraf’s environmental working group and ClimateCalc consortium.

IDEAlliance is a global community of print and premedia service providers, publishers, brand owners, and their material suppliers and technology partners. The Association identifies best practices for efficient integrated media workflows - from content creation through delivery, both digitally and in print. Through its active committees, educational conferences, training and certification programs, IDEAlliance provides its members the forum that results in the creation of our industry's most valued standards.

FIPP is the worldwide magazine media association representing companies and individuals involved in the creation, publishing or distribution of quality content, in whatever form, by whatever channel, and in the most appropriate frequency, to defined audiences of interest. FIPP helps its members develop better strategies and build better media businesses by identifying and communicating emerging trends, sharing knowledge, and improving skills worldwide.

Grenoble INP-Pagora is part of the Grenoble Institute of Technology, which is the largest engineering institute in France. It is a leading international learning and research centre for pulp and papermaking, printing, packaging, wood chemistry, and biomaterials.

IDEP is a resource for multimedia professionals in France. The first of its kind, this bipartisan industrial organization takes a holistic approach to identify solutions that impact a company's development strategy in evolving markets. IDEP develops a multi-disciplinary expertise in different fields such as economics, technologies, environment and engineering of training. It also encourages and supports common projects between different industry participants.

PrintCity Alliance was formed in 1998. It is recognised as the 'connection of competence' strategic alliance that promotes the value of print and packaging. It delivers value through global knowledge sharing and networking delivered through seminars, trade fairs, project studies, publications and electronic platforms.

Printing Industries of America (PIA) offers its members products and services that enhance their growth, efficiency, and profitability. As the largest US graphic arts trade association, PIA provides advocacy, education, research, technical information and resources. PIA is dedicated to advancing the graphic industry worldwide and hosts excellent centres for Technology & Research and Digital Printing.

Sinapse Print Simulators is the leading supplier of simulators for the global printing and packaging industry. They use interactive software to reproduce the operating conditions of multi-colour printing using different print processes (sheetfed, heatset and coldset web offset, flexography and gravure), including their consumables (inks, plates, paper and other substrates) and, where relevant, inline operations (folding, cutting, label creation).

Stuttgart HdM Media University covers broad media expertise from printed to electronic media, media theory to production, and design to making media available. It offers 15 bachelor's degree programmes and six master's degree programmes, a part-time MBA, and a doctoral programme. Facilities include extensively equipped printing workshops and the technology centre for the German Flexography Association.

UNIC is the leading organisation representing French printing companies. Its goals are to remove barriers and federate answers to the evolving challenges of the industry. It acts as a catalyst at national and regional levels to help analyse, initiate and accompany actions that assist printers in developing their products and services in all sectors, as well as providing an essential link with government and institutions.

Vision in Print in the UK is one of the most experienced organisations applying Lean Manufacturing in the printing and packaging industry. ViP has made several hundred audits, identifying significant cost savings and environmental improvements that delivered quantifiable results. ViP's focus is to build sustainable improvement capacity within companies. It is part of the British Printing Industries Federation.

WAN-IFRA is the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers representing more than 18,000 publications, 15,000 online sites and 3,000 companies in over 120 countries. Its mission is: "To be the indispensable partner of newspapers and the entire news publishing industry in the defence and promotion of press freedom, quality journalism, editorial integrity and the development of prosperous businesses and technology."

WCPC (Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating, College of Engineering, Swansea University) is a leading international centre for research and development of printing and coating processes. It is dedicated to advancing the understanding and productivity of these processes, to exploiting novel manufacturing using printing, and to applying scientific findings for the benefit of its international industrial partners and academic bodies.

Web Offset Champion Group (WOCG) was formed in 1998 to "champion" best practice in web offset printing to improve quality, productivity and the environment. A joint project of international industry suppliers, printers, universities and associations that collect, structure and share best practices in eight guides published in multiple languages in print and e-editions.


2004 — Arthur Hilner + / manroland
2005 — Larry Lampert / Sun Chemical
2007 — Gerhardt Tschan / Muller Martini
2008 — John Dangelmaier / MEGTEC
2013 — Randy Freeman / Quad Graphics

2005 — Muriel Azoulay, MEGTEC Systems
2005 — Mary L. Van Meter, Publisher, Newspapers & Technology

Active members of the PPC team include :

Prof. Tim Claypole MBE, C.Eng, F.I.Mech.E., M.I.E.T.

Joint Managing Director of Print Process Champions group.
Director Swansea Printing Technology Ltd; Research Professor, School of Engineering, University of Wales Swansea, Welsh Centre Printing and Coating Technology; founder of the Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating and the Print Forum Wales. Author of over 70 papers on printing technology and joint author of Vision in Print “Productivity Maintenance in UK printing industry”. Vice President (Technical Papers) of the international printing research association TAGA, winner of 2008 TAGA Michael Bruno Award, and 2009 Regiostars for best European project under EU Social Funds (Dipple).

Nigel Wells

Joint Managing Director and Editor of Print Process Champions group.
Manages industrial marketing agency VIM, Project and Publishing Manager for PrintCity since 2001, co-founder of Web Offset Champion Group. Entered the industry in 1965 with a five-year apprenticeship in the UK, followed by 20 years in Australia working in print production, sales, marketing and management. Returned to Europe working in Munich and Madrid for the Eurografica consultancy, followed by business development director of MEGTEC Systems. Author of multiple research reports and guides for the printing industry. Studies include printing in the UK, management in Australia, and Masters in industrial marketing, Paris CNAM.


Companion of the Print Process Champions group — responsible for environmental issues
Partner in the Ecograf consultancy. Environmental Manager for the French printers' federation (UNIC) 1998-2013, including carbon footprint and energy audits for printers and suppliers in Europe; managed normalisation and implementation of the Imprim’Vert (green printer) programme and brand (the world’s largest with 2500 printers in 10 countries). Active in issues of health, safety and the environment with organisations like Intergraf and the ClimateCalc consortium. Holds masters degrees in geosciences from l’Institut Français du Pétrole, and in International Affairs from the Sorbonne. He is a collaborator of PPC, PrintCity and continues to manage projects for UNIC.


Companion of the Print Process Champions group.
Previously Director of Technical Sales UPM Paper Business Group. Started with paper industry in 1974 after M.Sc Tech degree in paper making from Helsinki University of Technology. From 1979 worked in technical customer services in Canada, USA, Switzerland and Germany for the Finnish Paper Industry Sales Organisation Finnpap and UPM. Returned to Finland in 1999 as Director of Printing Technology in the UPM Paper Business Group, then director of Service Development and Technical Marketing co-ordination and leader of the UPM Global Technical Customer Service Team. Actively involved with organisations like ERA, GAA, PrintCity, WAN-IFRA.