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Print Process CHAMPIONS
is an international platform

to collect, structure, share and promote generic best practices for all printing processes — from prepress to postpress, materials and print products. Best practices are central to optimising quality, reliability, and economic and environmental performance. The CHAMPIONS platform will host contributions from printers, suppliers, universities and industry institutions to provide guides, benchmarking, case studies, resource information, and a diagnostics database at no, or low, cost to the members. This initiative comes from the Web Offset Champion Group that has been a 'champion' of best practices since 1998, see WOCG ToolBox compendium download of eight best practice guides and three posters.


Print Process CHAMPIONS
is a non-profit organisation

that is funded by Sponsor Company Members working with international Industry Associates. Anyone can register to become a Champion Club Member. Administrative support is provided by the Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating at Swansea University. The CHAMPION's joint managing directors are Prof. Tim Claypole and Nigel Wells.


The printing industry
is undergoing major structural

and technology changes. In addition, sources of process competence are becoming more limited, making it important to find cost effective international synergies to answer information needs, not only in developing countries but also in mature markets:
• An environment of reduced resources in companies, industry organisations and training structures is further complicated by the mass retirement of the baby boom generation in developed countries.
• Printing processes are global — there is little difference between operating a printing press in Stuttgart, Sydney, Shanghai, or San Francisco. Globalisation requires the effective use of procedures, practices and standards to ensure more consistent performance.
• More companies are using multiple and/or hybrid printing processes to produce a wider range of products, increasing the need for broader competencies.


  • To provide printers with useful tools to improve their overall performance to benefit themselves and their customers at low or no cost.
  • To provide through Print Process CHAMPIONS a global industry platform to collect, structure, share and promote generic best practices.
  • To help consolidate and communicate existing print process best practices and knowledge resources and optimise best practices across multiple and hybrid printing processes (issues like quality, materials handling, drying and curing, maintenance, etc. have many common elements in all processes).

for whom?

Help printing company and plant managers optimise their manufacturing strategy and priorities, define key factors for success, and identify expectations, roles and procedures with customers, sales and production staff. Assist production managers to identify, implement and monitor improvement projects.